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Meet The Team

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Founder and President

Karen Jang is BraCycle's Founder and President. A senior at Barnard College, she studies Biochemistry. Karen started BraCycle because she wanted to create a platform and community where women could donate and exchange bras, addressing the reality that while many women cannot afford or access bras, lightly worn bras go to waste. She dedicates every day to growing the impact of BraCycle in the NYC community and beyond.



Senior Advisor

Amanda Dealy Haverstick serves as Senior Advisor at BraCycle. Amanda is a graduate of Harvard College and Boston College Law School. After spending two decades in active law practice, she is now dedicating her time to supporting young women and furthering causes about which she feels passionate. Amanda has raised three daughters on to college and has extensive personal experiences with non-fitting bras going to waste. She brings valuable professional expertise and life experience to the BraCycle team.



Director of Outreach and Volunteer Manager

Lake Garelli is the Outreach Director and Volunteer Manager at BraCycle. She is currently a senior at Columbia University, majoring in Environmental Biology with a concentration in German. BraCycle means a lot to her, as she is a girl who grew up in areas where many others could not afford bras when they needed them. Additionally, Lake loves rock climbing and is hoping for a future in law.



Marketing Director

Deena Corkindale is the BraCycle's Product Manager and Marketing Director. She studies Physics at Barnard College (Class of 2023). As Product Manager and Marketing Director, Deena coordinates new bra orders and runs the social media pages for BraCycle. Deena is involved with BraCycle because she believes that women's care and hygiene products are often overlooked and wants to support those who are unable to access these products!



Graphic Design Artist

Kyle Williamson is a graphic designer and photographer based in Maryland. He will be graduating from Towson University. He wants to use his skills to help women empowerment organizations. Here is a link to his profile:

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Team Member

Amara Noelle is an active participant in the Events and Marketing Teams. Her pronouns are she/they. Amara is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University, majoring in psychology, and is on the pre-health track. She is the go-to person wherever help is needed. Amara is passionate about all things service and is excited to engage with underserved communities by providing some support for womxn. She hopes to help the organization expand and collaborate with other groups to provide more womxn with health services, such as free mammograms and menstrual products. Her fun fact is that she has traveled to 6 of seven continents and lived in 3 of them!

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Team Member

Tierani Green is a volunteer for the BraCycle. She is a junior at Barnard College and is a Biochemistry major. Tierani joined BraCycle because she is interested in helping women in any way possible, and BraCycle presents an amazing opportunity to provide the right size bras to women who need them and establishes a great community of women who want to help and support each other. She is so excited to see and be a part of the future of BraCycle.



Team Member

Magan Chin is a volunteer for Bra Cycle. She is a junior at Barnard College and a Neuroscience major. She loves BraCycle’s mission to help support and empower women by sharing bras to those who may have trouble accessing them. She enjoys being able to give back to her community, and being a part of Bra Cycle is an incredible way to do just that. 

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Barnard College Athena Fellow Faculty Advisor

Sandra Goldmark is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on circular economy solutions to overconsumption and climate change. She is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action at Barnard College. Originally a theatrical set designer, Sandra is the founder of Fixup, a social enterprise that promotes repair, reuse, and the circular economy, a co-creator of the Sustainable Production Toolkit and the author of Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the


Pictured here is Deena, at our fundraising station in Central Park!

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Tabling in Central Park (100th st and Central Park West) to receive bra donations and raise funds through our raffle!

Pictured here are Deena (front) and Karen (back), engaging with local community residents.

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