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Our Team.

We are the BraCycle team. We are made up of professionals, interns who are bright college and high school students, and volunteers -- all passionate about providing gently used bras for women experiencing homelessness in the U.S. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to collect your gently used bras, clean and sort them, and distribute them to women in NYC shelters.


Founder of BraCycle and Executive Director 

Karen Jang is BraCycle's Founder and Executive Director. A recent graduate of Barnard College, she studied Biochemistry and studied at Barnard's Athena Center for Women's Leadership Studies. Karen started BraCycle because she wanted to create a platform and community where women could donate and exchange bras, addressing the reality that while many women cannot afford or access bras, lightly worn bras go to waste. She dedicates every day to growing the impact of BraCycle in the NYC community and beyond. 


Our Senior Advisor

Amanda Dealy Haverstick serves as Senior Advisor at BraCycle. Amanda is a graduate of Harvard College and Boston College Law School. After spending two decades in active law practice, she is now dedicating her time to supporting young women and furthering causes about which she feels passionate. Amanda has raised three daughters on to college and has extensive personal experiences with non-fitting bras going to waste. She brings valuable

professional expertise and life experience to the BraCycle team.



Events & Program Director,

Finance Lead

Corinna Jones is BraCycle's Events & Program Director and Finance Lead. She recently graduated from Barnard College as a Cognitive Science major, helping develop a new major at Columbia University! Corinna coordinates our quarterly bra drives in NYC and leads fundraising efforts.

Our Volunteers


Pictured here is Deena Corkindale, at our fundraising station in Central Park!

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Tabling in Central Park (100th st and Central Park West) to receive bra donations and raise funds through our raffle!

Pictured here are Deena (front) and Karen (back), engaging with local community residents.

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