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Frequently Asked Questions


Please send us your questions here, and if your question is being frequently asked, we will post it on this page.

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What counts as a gently used bra?

A gently used bra is one that you would want to wear. However, if it has irremovable stains, please do not send it out. We send the bras to women experiencing homelessness, and we want your bra donations to help women feel uplifted. However, if the bra is in good condition, but needs some alterations (e.g. a missing strap), you may send the bras to us, and we will fix it. Thank you so much. When in doubt, just reach out!


Do you accept other donations, like lingerie or underwear?

We typically only accept bra donations. However, if your bra came in a set with a matching bottom, for example, we can accept them and bring them with us when we donate them to our local NYC women's shelter. 


Do you have a physical location or places to drop off the bras in New York City?

We are currently setting up bra drop-off locations throughout New York in so that it is easier for you to donate your bra. We expect to have a few locations by the end of April 2024 and will post them as soon as we do.


If I mail in my bras, could you pay for the shipping?

We do not typically pay for shipping until it is requested as we have a very small budget as a new nonprofit. :) However, if you shoot us an email or mention that you would like shipping to be paid, our team will mail you a pre-paid shipping label. We will have you covered. Thanks again for your contribution.

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For inquiries regarding bra donations, please send an email to

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